Turkey Panini with Roasted Vegetables

This turkey panini with roasted vegetables is warm and satisfying.

You might be watching your food intake, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sandwiches like this turkey panini with roasted vegetables. By using low-fat ingredients and a colorful list of vegetables, our healthy sandwich provides nutrients while tasting great. While everyone loves a sandwich, greasy burgers or sub sandwiches full of processed meat don’t add any nutritional value. Instead of indulging in that drive-through craving, take some time to make your own work of sandwich art.

Choose Deli Meat Wisely

Pair this sandwich with a healthy side salad for s super-filling meal.

To be fair, processed meat tastes great and is incredibly convenient. However, if you apply these health hacks, you can dig into a stacked sandwich with very little guilt.

For starters, don’t buy those pre-packaged plastic wrapped lunch meats from the refrigerated section next to the pre-packaged cheese. These sandwich meats are full of nitrates and sodium. Unfortunately, that’s one of the top hidden decisions that can seriously undermine weight loss. Instead, go to the deli and order the leanest meat you can find. Ask them to slice the amount you’ll need for the week. That way, you can indulge in convenience while still choosing a less processed, healthier variety.

Add Some Vegetables To That Sandwich

Enjoy this yummy sandwich for lunch or dinner!

Adding veggies to any meal is always smart. Red bell peppers provide much-needed vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are full of antioxidants, which help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases. In my house, we put them under the broiler in the oven. In less than forty minutes, you can roast a sheet pan full of bell peppers.

By turning the peppers every ten minutes or so, you’ll get a wonderful char, giving a moist, earthy component to the peppers. On a sandwich, a roasted pepper adds divine intervention of a slightly sweet, earthy flavor. Married with the competing textures of bread, cheese, and meat, you’ll fall in love with this tasty tidbit.

Thinly Sliced Eggplant Cooks Up Quickly On A Grill-Pan

our gorgeous turkey panini is a great option for brunch.

Typically, I roast eggplant on a sheet pan coated with oil. But when I want to make a healthy sandwich, I choose sliced eggplant and use a grill pan. The secret to cooking eggplant is to ensure there’s enough oil on it to create soft, pliable slices. Also, use medium heat to ensure even cooking. Dry heat or too-high heat will inevitably create a cardboard-like texture, so don’t be afraid of using more oil to make this component sing.

Use Fats That Are Low In Fat

Fresh turkey and veggies pair beautifully together.

A little secret to making a great grilled or pressed melty sandwich is to spread low-fat mayo on the outer bread pieces. It helps the outsides crisp up without added full fat found in butter. We also like to choose cheese that’s lower in fat, like Swiss or spreadable cream cheese. With all the other flavors you’ll get from the healthy turkey and roasted veggies, you won’t need a cheese that’s high in fat.

Ultimately, this turkey panini with vegetables doesn’t need any side dishes. Instead of making this a lunch-only option, serve this healthy yet sophisticated sandwich for dinner with guests. Better yet, friends coming over for brunch will love this wholesome treat. Cut sandwiches in four portions and serve with a variety of other food, like fresh fruit salad or crudites. Get the party started and make everyone happy!

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