Tomato Basil White Fish

Our Tomato Basil White Fish is a simple but extremely nutritious dish.

Our tomato basil white fish recipe is an easy-to-make fish meal that’s made with simple ingredients, but they come together to create an incredible tasting dish. Adding a recipe like this to your rotation is genius because of the combination of the lean, mild taste of white fish and protein-packed white beans in a familiar sauce. The texture turns out just right, and all the protein in this recipe helps with weight management. Just one more reason to try this recipe’s twist!

Sustainability Is All The Rage Right Now

This fish recipe is great for dinner and makes awesome leftovers too!

If you’re into seafood, you probably know that certain fish varieties need time to repopulate due to over-fishing. To be sure, knowing what’s right for your life and wallet can oftentimes confuse you into not buying fish at all. In fact, many top chefs for this reason are buying whatever the fishermen bring in. Instead of keeping certain kinds of fish mealsin mind, they now work with what they get . What used to be known as “bycatch” is now “the catch of the day.”

Knowing how to shop and cook sustainable fish seems like just another challenging component of adding seafood to the regimen. For starters, you can check out smaller fishmongers in your town and ask them questions. Or, another thing I like to do is to buy what’s in the frozen section in my local grocery store. Because the fish is frozen, I have plenty of time to figure out how to cook it.

Cook White Fish In Dry Or Wet Heat

Serve this lean protein with a side of rice, quinoa, or veggies!

The good news is that white fish is cooked using two different methods. Dry heat usually involves a quick saute in a pan. Wet heat typically involves poaching or baking in a flavorful sauce or steaming. The only thing you need to know is how your fish of choice cooks up best, and a quick check on this list of 19 different types of fish for eating and cooking can help.

In this tomato basil white fish recipe, we chose to saute the fish and set it aside, but you may certainly poach it in the sauce for 8 to 10 minutes, depending on the filets’ thickness.

Add Beans To Pasta Or Fish Meals

The flaky fish and rich tomato basil sauce pair perfectly with one another.

It seems like Tuscan-style cooking features beans in the most unlikely of places, and it appears to work. Just because you may not be familiar with this practice certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it! How many stories have we heard from friends and family alike regarding certain ingredients cooked differently tasting much better? Adding more beans as you add more fish to your diet can only provide more protein and fiber. Those two components, after all, do make for weight maintenance by providing satiety.

What To Serve With Tomato Basil White Fish

Impress your dinner guests with this beautiful and delicious recipe.

Of course, a crusty piece of bread dipped into that herby tomato sauce sounds divine! If that’s allowed on your menu, then yes, bread is the best! However, serving this fish on a small serving of grains like quinoa or riced cauliflower equally satisfies the taste buds. Alternatively, you could place the fish on a bed of sturdy, wilted greens for an eye-catching and healthier presentation. A crisp green salad on the side also does the job.

However you choose to plate this fish meal, it’s most certainly going to make you feel good. Bon appetit!

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